Race Information

Date 2017.12.16 (Saturday)
Venue Outside Hong Kong Science Park Charles K. Kao Auditorium (Golden Egg)
Time 6:30pm
Race Distance & Start Time
6:30pm 4 x 1 KM Relay (Organization/Corporate Team)
7:15pm 8KM Individual
7:18pm 3KM Buddy Run
7:20pm 3KM Family Run (Run together)
7:23pm 1KM Christmas Fun Walk
Quota 1500 (First come first served)
Application Fee
Category Application Fee Minimum Donation Total
8KM Individual $100 $150 $250
3KM Family Run $200 $300 $500
3KM Buddy Run $200 $300 $500
Fun Walk 1KM Christmas Fun Walk $200 $300 $500
Organization/Corporate Team $4000 $6000 $10000
Certificate Fee $30 Each
(Will distribute 4 weeks after the event)
Enquiry 2117 1650
Race web-site hopeww.sportsoho.com
Email hopeww@sportsoho.com
報名表 Download Application Form

Category and minimum donation

Category Course Distance Age Category Born In
HK$250 per person
($150 for minimum donation, $100 for enrolment fee)
8km Male 12-13 Female 12-13 2004-2005
Male 14-15 Female 14-15 2002-2003
Male 16-19 Female 16-19 1998-2001
Male 20-24 Female 20-24 1993-1997
Male 25-29 Female 25-29 1988-1992
Male 30-34 Female 30-34 1983-1987
Male 35-39 Female 35-39 1978-1982
Male 40-44 Female 40-44 1973-1977
Male 45-49 Female 45-49 1968-1972
Male 50-54 Female 50 or above 1963-1967/ 1967 or before
Male 55-59 / 1958-1962
Male 60 or above / 1957 or before
Family Run*^ (Run Together)
HK$500 per team
($300 for minimum donation, $200 for enrolment fee)
3km ( Father and Kid aged 6-11) ( Mother and Kid aged 6-11) 2006 – 2011
Buddy Run^
HK$500 per team
($300 for minimum donation, $200 for enrolment fee)
3km 2 members per team, all team members should be 18 years or older 1999 or before
Christmas Fun Walk
HK$500 per team
($300 for minimum donation, $200 for enrolment fee)
Non-race category
1km (Father and Kid aged 3 or above) ( Mother and Kid aged 3 or above) 2014 or before
Organization/Corporate Team#
HK$10,000 Per team
($6000 for minimum donation, $4000 for enrolment fee)
1km x 4 Relay Male age 16 or above Female age 16 or above 2001 or before

*“Family Run” should be formed by 1 parent and 1 kid, 2 participants in total.

^Result of the 3 km run will be determined by adding together the two participants’ finishing time.

# Team result will be calculated based on the time when the last team member crosses the finishing line. A time of 25 seconds will be deducted from the result of each female participant.

Route Map


  • X’mas Bag Gift x1
  • Santa Claus Suit x1
  • or
  • Event T-Shirt x1

Santa Claus Suit Size Chart (cm)

Shirt Size Length Width Sleeve Length
Adult 75cm 60cm 55cm
Kids 54cm 51cm 50cm

Event T-Shirt Size Chart

*T-shirt size availability is provided on a first come first serve basis during registration and subject to stock condition during race pack distribution.
*The organizer does not warrant any request in size. If there is no option of the particular size in the enrollment system, it means this size already out of stock.
*No size can be changed after enrollment.
*Picture and color are for reference ONLY.


Individual Award Team Award
Best Completion Time Award - (Champion, 1st & 2nd runner-up)
First 3 participants with best completion time.
Best Completion Time Award - (Champion, 1st & 2nd runner-up)
First 3 teams with best completion time.
Highest Fundraising Award (2 individuals)
1 Male and 1 Female Individual who fundraised the highest amount.
Highest Fundraising Awards (1 Teams)
The Organization/Corporation who raises the highest amount of donation (Measure in unit of Organization/Corporation ; Minimum donation: $10,000)
Most “Red” Costume Award (2 individuals)
1 Male and 1 Female participant with the most creative racing costumes.
Funniest Costume Award (1 Team)
The Team with the most Santa Claus-related and creative costume.
Eldest Santa Claus Award(1 individual)
The eldest participant in the event.
Youngest Santa Claus Award (1 individual)
The youngest participant in the event.